Movements | April 24th, 2020

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  • The German automobile association is offering members discounts on select eBike and scooter brands. | ADAC

  • Gogoro, a Taiwanese moped and battery infrastructure company, is set to launch in the US with its debut eBike model. Details are scarce but more information is coming out in May.  | SlashGear

  • ‘Bicycles are the new toilet paper’ as bike sales boom in Australia. “The biggest problem facing retailers, Kaplan says, is that they will soon run out of stock.”  | The Guardian

  • Lime has started to relaunch its scooter service, starting in Copenhagen, “with cities across the Nordic region following in quick succession.”  | Niklas Joensen

Product Launches & Updates

  • VanMoof unveiled its beautiful new S3 and X3 eBikes. The bikes feature upgraded motors, automatic shifting, hydraulic brakes, and more. The company also offers 3-year theft protection and at-home maintenance and repair.  Stephen Lambe notes: “It costs $72/month for three years to get the new VanMoof, including maintenance and anti-theft protection. It costs $81/month for an unlimited SFMTA bus/tram pass.” | The Verge

  • Bird is testing a new feature called ‘Warm Up Mode’ that allows users to select a vehicle acceleration profile: gentle vs normal acceleration. | Bird

  • Uber has launched a pair of new delivery options for consumers and businesses, Direct and Connect. | FT

  • BlaBlaCar launched “BlaBlaHelp”, an app the connects neighbors who want to help each other with grocery shopping. | BlaBlaCar

Ridehailing, Carsharing, & Delivery

  • Uber’s middle east subsidiary, Careem, launched an on-demand grocery delivery service. | Whats On

  • Lyft ridership is down ~75%, while Uber’s ride business is down ~80% globally YoY. Uber Eats is up 70%+ YOY.  | Amir

  • GM shuts down its Maven carsharing business. Uber investor Bill Gurley notes: “Aggregating demand is the one & only key. Aggregating supply is not the hard part, & having differentiated supply or thinking because you own supply you can enter the market is misplaced thinking.”  | The Verge

  • A new study in Nature shows that people underestimate the all-in cost of car ownership by 50%, and that providing better visibility into the total cost of owning and using a car might reduce car ownership by 37%.  | Nature

  • StreetCred, the crowdsourced mapping startup, is expanding to Jakarta to meet demand from Grab and GoJek. | Asian Review

  • A deep dive on Bipi and vehicle subscription businesses. | Nate Jarret

Investment & Deals

  • Chinese ridehailing firm Didi, raises $150 million for its bikesharing unit. | The Information

  • Autofleet, a fleet optimization platform for ridehailing and delivery services, raises $7.5m. | TechCrunch

  • Lime has acquired the remaining assets of Boosted Boards. | The Verge

Cities & Policy

  • Impact of COVID-19 on mobility services in Berlin. “While public transport was affected most and fell by nearly 92%, other modes such as bike sharing increased slightly by 8%.” | Porsche Consulting

  • We’ve built cities we can’t afford. | Strong Towns

  • Two NYU researchers are trying to figure out why it's so expensive to build subways in America and how the US can do better. | Eric Goldwyn

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