Movements | August 21st, 2020

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  • Product Safety Regulations for Electric Bikes and Scooters: an overview of the micromobility hardware regulatory landscape in the US. Related: The US Consumer Product Safety Commision is holding a forum for micromobility on September 15th. | Crowell Moring

  • New research: people who buy an eBike more than double their use of a bicycle for transport. | ScienceDirect

  • A great profile on how Trek has handled the COVID bicycle boom - Inside the company trying to solve the global bike shortage: “A company spokesperson says that it expects 2020 sales to be more than double those of 2019, and is expecting sales of kids bikes and e-bikes to surge this Holiday season.” | Marker

  • Spin will be using Ford Transit PHEVs for scooter operations in Europe in 2021. “Transit PHEVs automatically enter electric-only mode within cities’ low emission zones & downtown cores.“  | Maria Buczkowski

  • Here’s an excellent interview with the VanMoof industrial design team who give a behind the scenes look into the design process of the new S3 and X3 eBikes. | VanMoof

  • Cargo bike market analysis: “By 2030, the Experts Group envisages annual sales of 1 million cargo bikes for commercial deliveries and a further 1 million annual sales of family cargo bikes.” | Cycling Industries

  • Coaster Cycles and Missoula International Airport team up to do a cargo eBike pilot. | Ben Morris

Product Launches & Updates

  • ScootRoute launches turn-by-turn directions for micromobility in the US. The app allows riders the to personalise their “ScootRoute” based on preferences, including incline tolerances, traffic, top speed (mph) and road type. | ScootRoute

  • Citymapper launches turn-by-turn directions for bikes and scooters. | Citymapper

  • Bond Mobility is now selling its eBikes directly to consumers. | IndieGoGo

  • BikerTop: a popup weather shield cover for bikes. | Biker Top

Ridehailing, Carsharing, & Delivery

  • Inside the Turkish startup that wants to be your ‘personal butler’. Getir brings groceries to your door in 10-minutes or less. | Rest of World

  • The problem with ‘mobility-as-a-service’. | David Zipper

  • Ride Austin’s ridehailing software is now open source. “The code can def be improved but it has done over 3M successful rides, 388k rider accounts, 12k driver accounts (paying them over $38m) and has a round up feature that generated $450k for local charities…”  | Andy Tryba

  • An exclusive inside look into Travis Kalanicks’ CloudKitchens startup. | Superfood

Cities & Policy

  • Bogota is building its future around bikes. | Bloomberg

  • NYC bus-mounted cameras have issued 40,000 traffic tickets since October. “The M15, for example, moves 34 percent faster through parts of its route since in-bus cameras were introduced last year according to the MTA.”  | Streetsblog

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