Movements | August 7th, 2020

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  • Paris selects Tier, Dott, and Lime for their coveted scooter permits. The city is one of the largest shared micromoblity markets in the world and at one time was 18% of Lime’s daily revenue, according to The Information. ($) | Techcrunch

  • Ebike riders have a 38% lower risk to insurers than non-assisted bikes. “Whilst the average cost of an eBike is higher… riders on an e-Bike appear to be significantly more risk averse.”Cycling Industry

  • Three predictions for micromobility in 2021: New vehicles, ADAS, and tele-operations. “In fact, 2020 is shaping up to be the year in which micromobility transitioned from a niche transport mode, to a mainstream option, embraced by cities and the public alike.”Amit Tzur

  • Ebike brand Super73 collaborates with Japanese streetwear brand Neighborhood. | Hypebeast

  • Traveling across the USA by electric scooter. | Daily Journal

  • The pandemic is giving eBikes a boost. | The Economist ($)

  • Brooklyness teases its next-generation scooter on Twitter. | Manuel Saez

  • Here’s a prototype of Lime’s ill-fated next-gen eBike from 2018. | Bikeshare Museum

Product Launches & Updates

  • launches the PathPilot - a micromobility vehicle data recorder that can identify sidewalks, streets, bikelanes, and crosswalks. | Alex Nesic

  • Former soundcloud founders launch an eBike subscription service in Berlin. For €59 euros a month. The startup says it can deliver an eBike to your door within 24-hours, and replace the bike ‘immediately’ if it gets stolen. | Techcrunch

  • Bolt (EU) introduces a micromobility toolkit that includes a beginner mode that limits the max speed of the scooter to 15km/h. | Bolt

  • Lyft partners with Sixt to offer users access to rental cars across the USA. | Lyft

Ridehailing, Carsharing, & Delivery

  • Uber is offering public health officials COVID contact tracing data. “The service provides health departments with data about who used Uber’s services and when and allows health agencies to urge affected users into quarantine.”Reuters

  • Uber’s delivery business is now larger than its ridehailing business. The company recorded a 73% decline in gross bookings in its core rides business in Q2 2020, while food delivery was up 113% for the quarter. | CNBC

  • China’s Didi is preparing to launch in Russia. | Nikkei

Investment & Deals

  • Gett raises $100 million as they focus on the B2B ridehailing business. The company became ‘operationally’ profitable in December and signed a partnership with Lyft in the US last November after exiting NYC. | Techcrunch

  • Ebike maker Cowboy raises a $26 million Series B. | Techcrunch

  • Uber is acquiring Autocab, a taxi app, which will allow the company to expand from 40 to 170 locations in the UK. | Bloomberg

  • Weezy raises pre-seed funding for its 15-minute grocery delivery service utilizing electric moped and bike couriers. | Techcrunch

  • Buzzbike raises $2.2 million for a monthly bike subscription service led by the Adidas family heirs. | Bike Biz

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