Movements | January 29th, 2019

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An introduction to Micromobility by Horace Dediu. |

Five promises of Micromobility. An excellent essay by Uber PM Florent Crivello. “But unlike self-driving cars, they also bring order of magnitude improvements in space and energy efficiency, on top of being very cheap. And we can deploy them today.” Altimor

Singapore’s Neuron Mobility announced its first “commercial” grade scooter sporting 12" wheels. “The scooters are also outfitted with the company’s proprietary software that guides riders to designated parking zones, meant to ensure that they are not parked indiscriminately like shared bikes.” KrAsia

Neuron Mobility

Dutch ‘Netflix for bikes’ startup eyes global rollout with 90,000 monthly subscribers. | Forbes

Comparison between Grin vs. Bird vs. Lime time to 1 million trips. | Sergio Romo

Here’s a study on electric scooter injuries at two Los Angeles hospitals. The author, Dr. Tarak Trivedi tweeted“As an author on this study and an e-scooter rider (and fan), I’d like to stress the importance of wearing helmets.” | JAMA

China’s Mobike will be renamed as ‘Metiuan Bike’. | Techcrunch

Interview with a Lime market launcher in New Zealand. “Juicers sometime refer to it as a game, and we are building out mechanisms in the program that make it feel like one. Things like charger power ups, and % perfect serve rates are amongst some of these.” | LinkedIn


In areas of Denver where Lyft’s scooters operate, scooter rides account for 10% of Lyft trips. | Lyft Impact Report

An inside look into Uber’s special investigation unit. | CNN

Grab crossed the 3 billion trip mark. | Grab

Nearly 38% of US consumers order groceries online weekly. Check out the full analysis of the last mile delivery sector. | Capgeminni

Some stats on Didi’s global ride-hailing operation from SCMP

  • 50 million users, over 31 million drivers, in more than 1,000 cities

  • 48.8 billion KM of passenger travel in 2018

  • 800 million KM on pooled trips, saving 43 million litres of fuel and 97,000 tons of CO2 emissions compared with traveling alone

Some new research on the impact of TNCs on public transit ridership. | Streetsblog

A first-hand review of Grab’s Shuttle product: “While you pay marginally more, the experience you get is closer to that of a GrabShare ride, rather than a ride on the public bus.” | Dollars and Sense

Product Launches & Updates

Whim’s MaaS subscription app is coming to the US in 2019. | TechCrunch

Mapzen’s open source tools are now a Linux Foundation project. | The Linux Foundation


Apple Pay coming to Los Angeles public transit this year. | Macrumors 


After months of testing its pedal-less mini eBike in San Diego, Wheels announced it raised $37 million. The company said it has hit 7 trips per day per bike and over a third of its riders are over 35 years old. Wheels expects to land in 15 more markets across the USA in 2019. | Forbes

Ridesharing firm Go-Jek is closing a $2 billion round. TechCrunch raises $21m from BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, and others for their roadside assistance services |

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