Movements | July 17th, 2020

Lime shows off its computer vision parking software and Uber goes deeper into public transit.

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  • Scooters are nice, but what I need is more secure bicycle parking: “Each year, as many as 75,000 bicycles are stolen across the five boroughs, and countless more are vandalized or damaged by harsh weather. One doesn’t need to be a detective to find the common thread amongst these problems; the lack of secure bike parking.” | Samuel Santaella

  • Dott’s CEO shares more about achieving operational profitability: “it's EBIT>0 so this includes all hardware opex (repairs, parts...) and depreciation. Multiple ways to compute depreciation, we take the most conservative, so yes, it includes hardware acq costs. Otherwise, yes, would be too easy :)”  | Henri Moissinac

  • Ebike supplier Bosch teases a full-suspension concept bike built out of its components. | Elektrek

  • Lime’s engineering team writes about using computer vision to evaluate scooter parking. | Andrew Xia

  • Revel’s electric mopeds are coming to San Francisco. | TechCrunch

  • Lime relaunches Jump’s electric bikes in London. | The Verge

  • The future of micromobility: ridership and revenue after a crisis. | McKinsey

Product Launches & Updates

  • Uber launches “Uber Boat” with the Thames Clipper ferry in the UK. Users can book and pay for a ferry ticket within the Uber app. | City AM

  • Monthly bicycle subscription service Swapfiets crosses 200,000 members and is expanding across Europe. | Swapfiets

  • Uber launches grocery delivery in its app via its partnership with Cornershop. Users can get free delivery on orders over $30 dollars with the Uber Pass or Eats Pass. | Uber

  • Uber and Masabi launch integrated ticketing in Ohio and Kentucky. | Masabi

Ridehailing, Carsharing, & Delivery

  • DoorDash enters grocery retail with dark convenience stores. | Hngry

Investment & Deals

  • Cargobike delivery service Zedify raises £300,000.  | Forbes

  • Swiftmile raises $5 million to scale up micromobility charging infrastructure in cities. | Techcrunch

  • Voi raises $30 million at nearly a $270 million valuation. The company has raised a total of $165 million since 2018. | Reuters

  • Karma Kitchen raises $317 million Series A. “Unlike a typical venture capital deal, this takes an ‘opco propco’ structure, where Karma Kitchen’s ‘propco’ will buy and fit out freehold sites, while the ‘opco’ will invest in the tech, people and marketing operations necessary to scale quickly.” | Sifted

  • Uber acquired Routematch, a public transit routing service. | VentureBeat

Cities & Policy

  • A new Cornell study finds that most part-time Uber and Lyft drivers in Seattle earnings fall roughly in line with the city’s median income. “Hyman said the findings surprised him, as he expected most drivers to be seriously underpaid, but added policymakers might consider an earnings floor to address those making below minimum wage.” | Reuters

  • How Mexico City crowdsourced a map of its informal bus system. | Atlas Obscura

  • Congestion pricing in NYC is delayed because… sigh. | Curbed

  • The New York Times has finally come around to the post-car utopia. | NY Times

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