Movements | July 23rd, 2018

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Whim’s multimodal mobility subscription product shows a surprising amount of promise in Helsinki | Bloomberg

Understanding Multimodality — an Analysis of early JUMP Users. The key takeaway is that a significant chunk of Uber riders replaced their car trips with bike trips. We’re excited to see much more of this as Lyft integrates Motivate’s bikeshare network and Uber adds other modes. | Uber


Horace Dediu (@asymco) is hosting the Micromobility Summit on September 5th in Copenhagen. Check out a glimpse of last years summit. Michal will be there. Stay tuned for details on a Movements meetup! | Apply Here

Lime releases an annual report on ridership trends| Lime

  • San Diego: 1 million trips & 310,000 unique riders in 5 months.

  • Washington DC: 100,000 unique accounts with only 400 vehicles.

Chinese bikeshare giant Ofo is laying off 70% of US employees and scaling back deployment. Anyone want to buy 40,000 yellow bikes?| Forbes

Seattle dockless stats and SDOT bikeshare recommendations:

  • 70–80% of bikes are parked correctly, while only 5% are fully blocking pedestrian access

  • $400,000 of permit fees will be allocated to designated bikeshare parking

oBike has shut down | Straits Times

A complete guide to NYC’s new dockless bikeshare services | Gothamist

Electric scooters won’t return to SF until the end of August | TechCrunch

Google product director Luke Wroblewski does an onboarding teardown of 6 bike/scooter-share apps | Lukew

Product Launches and Updates

Uber launches guaranteed pick up windows as well as a colored Spotlight feature to help drivers and riders find each other | TechCrunch

Toyota Mobility Services launch a station based car share in Honolulu| Drive Hui

Inrix launches AV Road Rules, a tool to help cities digitize the rules of the road | Wired

Transit App introduces native in-app ride-hailing with Téo Taxi | Medium

Bird launches a low-income pricing plan ‘One Bird’, waiving the $1 unlock fee | TechCrunch


BMW’s ReachNow launches a ridehailing service called Ride in Seattle | GeekWire

Lyft’s approach to bikes and scooters | Lyft

18% of airport visitors are now using ridehailing services. At SFO, one out of every two vehicles on the terminal’s roadways are from a ridehail service | NCST

Uber partners with Cargo, an in-ride vending machine for riders. Seems like the ideal use case for an ‘Uber Wallet’ | TechCrunch

Uber’s CEOGrab’s COO, and Lyft’s President speak at Fortune Brainstorm. Car ownership is there biggest competitor.

  • Grab is focused on building out financial products in SEA as it’s 20x the size of the transportation market.

  • Lyft claims to be at nearly 40% of US marketshare and will soon roll out their revamped ‘Via-like’ shared rides product.


Give the Curb Your Enthusiasm | Slate

American cities are drowning in parking | StreetsBlog

Car2go ad targeting rideshare users in Portland | Oregon Live

(De)congestion pricing: Portland environmentalist and business interest groups are working together to support a peak period tolling plan. Uber is investing $1 million in a New York campaign | Poltico

Investments and M&A

Didi raises $500m from Booking (Priceline,, Agoda), with both parties planning integrations across their apps and services. A pretty natural fit if you ask me! | TechCrunch

Gett may sell off its NYC ridehailing app Juno after acquiring it last year for $200m| Bloomberg

Zoox raises $500m at a $3.2B valuation | Bloomberg