Movements | July 24th, 2019

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Some stats on JUMP’s deployment in Paris over the past 3 months: 1,800 bikes, 500 scooters, 90,000 users, 400,000 rides, average bike trip distance is 3.2km, and average scooter trip distance is 1.35km. | Le Parisien

San Francisco and Oakland had two very different approaches to shared scooter regulations and the results are staggering. “Mobility advocates in the gridlocked West Bay say San Francisco's permitting system was destined to fail, since it followed a more punitive and reactive framework that Oakland has largely avoided.”  | East Bay Express

JUMP does a deep dive into how their eBikes serve low-income communities. “The data also showed that JUMP bikes have twice the pick-up/drop-off rate in low-income residential areas than that of medium and high-income areas.” | JUMP

Apple is hiring Product Managers to focus on new mobility like ridehailing and micromobility. Will we finally see bike routing in Apple Maps? | James Gross

Bird transitions Scoot’s kick scooter fleet in San Francisco onto Bird Platform with Scoot branded Bird One vehicles. | Victor Pontis

Why did we wait so long for the bicycle? | The Roots of Progress

Trek has failed twice at bringing eBikes to market. Today eBikes make up 20% of Trek’s annual sales. | Fortune

Ridehailing & Carsharing

Uber is testing another monthly subscription that includes free delivery on Eats, free JUMP rides, and price protection on trips. | TechCrunch

Skymall but for Uber: Cargo and Uber deepen their partnership to allow riders to start buying consumer goods like AirPods or rent a movie via Universal Studios. Riders who purchase a product during their ride receive free shipping and 10% back in Uber Cash, which can be redeemed for future rides or Cargo purchases. This is interesting because its the first time we’ve seen Uber Cash as a way to buy products outside of Uber’s core ecosystem (JUMP, Eats, and Rides). | CNBC

BMW’s ReachNow shuts down its office and its free-floating carshare service in Seattle and Portland.  | Geekwire

Lyft and Uber face ridership declines in NYC after new regulations went into effect. | Bloomberg

Product Launches & Updates

Nexar launches Live Map, a real-time version of Google Streetview powered by their network of users. | Nexar

Uber launches a restaurant accelerator to encourage entrepreneurs to build out virtual restaurants to serve unmet demand that they see on Uber Eats. “For instance, she said, if Uber noticed lots of customers ordering pizza in an area with relatively few nearby pizza restaurants, the company might invite a pizzeria to the accelerator.” | Quartz

Lyft adds transit data for NYC to its app. Related: Lyft voices its support for investment in transit and dedicated transit travel lanes.  | Bloomberg

Deals & Investments

Bird is raising a Series D led by Sequoia Capital at a $2.5 billion valuation.  | Techcrunch

Flix Mobility raises $561m from TCV to expand geographically and develop a carpooling service. | Reuters

Cities & Policy

Ever wonder what it’s like to work for Uber Eats or Doordash? The New York Times recently did a deep dive on the experience.| NY Times

As cities struggle to design and implement protected micromobility infrastructure, Washington DC experiments with “DezignLine”, a rapidly deployable protected bike lane solution. | DDOT

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