Movements | July 2nd, 2018

Issue #5! brought to you by Michal Naka and Adam Feldman. Here’s what happened last week…

Big News

Apple is rebuilding its map stack from the ground up, collecting all of its own data. The end goal is for Apple to not have to rely on 3rd parties for any of its basemap, business, access points, LIDAR, imagery, POI, traffic, or road network data. This is a big strategic shift for the industry and it also shows just how hard it is to build a high quality, constantly updating set of map data that first and third party applications can rely on. | TechCrunch

Sequoia led a $300 million Series C investment in Bird with IndexCRVUpfront, and more. Upfront VC, Mark Suster wrote: “Forget the valuation — I think it’s quite possible that Bird could be the fastest growing company to reach a billion dollars in run rate revenue.” One important note: Sequoia is also an investor in scooter manufacturer Ninebot, the supplier of choice of Bird, Lime, Spin, Lyft & more| Bloomberg

Alphabet and GV bet on Lime and join their $300 million funding round| Financial Times


As scooter companies look to differentiate themselves, Skip introduces the world’s first fully integrated ‘retractable lock-to’ system for scooters. | Skip

How Segway-Ninbot Became the Go-To Scooter Maker for Rental Startups. It’s important to note that Skip is basically the only one with a really differentiated offering at this point. | The Information

Lime surveyed scooter riders in San Francisco | Lime

  • 60% of respondents said that their Lime-S ride replaced a trip by car (personal automobile, taxi or rideshare.)

  • 3/4 of people said protected bikelanes would increase their likelihood of riding on the street.

  • 93% believed the San Francsico scooter cap is too low.

Mapbox hires a new navigation PM, Tarani Duncan, with extensive background in bike-share services like JUMP and Motivate | Mapbox

Motivate is using the impending L train shut down as an opportunity to launch 1000 peddle assist bikes in NYC | Citi Bike

Parking app Spot Hero is in talks with scooter companies to help provide off-street parking and give drivers quick access to scooters. “Lawrence said some commuters want to drive into the city, park somewhere, and book a scooter the rest of the way to their destination.” | Business Insider

Zagster launched a ‘universal, secure and smart parking’ system for dockless ‘lock-to’ scooters and bikes. The bikeshare company joins Jump and Skip as supporters of vehicle ‘lock-to’ requirement as cities navigate the growing problem of micromobility parking | Smart Cities Dive

The Autonocast interviewed Bird’s Chief Legal Officer, David Estrada, who gives an inside look into the hypergrowth company. “We view ourselves as an electrice vehicle company, not an electric scooter company.” | Autonocast

Bird launched in Dallas, Baltimore, Salt Lake City, Oakland, Arlington, Milwaukie and San Antonio in the last 7 days. Related - Lime released early data 5 days after their Indianapolis launch: 3700 unique riders, 6000 trips and a median trip length of 1.3 miles | Bird Launch Tracker


Lyft claims it has 35% market share in the U.S. with a booking run-rate of $7.7 billion | Fortune

Why Lyft is trying to become the next subscription business | Wired

Next target for startups: reinventing bus travel The Information

Uber wins 15-month London operating license extension | Axios

Uber appoints Rachel Holt to the position of Head of New Modalities, signally just how important this emerging area is to their business | TechCrunch

A peek into Citymapper’s Smart Ride service in London | Chris Messina

Product Launches and Updates

Deep dive on why routing is hard and getting harder in a world of dockless things | Coord

Cubic is working to integrate transit ticketing across numerous services into a single app that also provides multi-modal trip planning: “By designing an app that takes the scramble of organizing different payment methods and the gamble of guessing bus and train arrival times out of the equation, he hopes that soon transit will feel as seamless as hopping in a car.” What Cubic lacks in consumer product chops they make up for in their position as the fulfillment and payment vendor for some of the largest transit systems in the world | FastCompanyCubic


Excellent interview with Seleta Reynolds of LADOT, covering their evolution into a mobility service company. Give it a listen!| The Autonocast

New research shows that Uber and Lyft eliminate racial differences in taxi service | UCLA ITS

Investments and M&A

Mapfit raises a $5.5m seed round| GeoAwesomeness

Lyft raises $600m Series I at a $15.1 billon valuation. The round could expand to $1 billion with a ‘strategic investor’| Axios

Go-Jek is raising $1.5b to take on Grab after Uber exits SE Asia| The Information

Spin is closing a $125m token offering | Axios

StreetCred, founded by the former Mapzen team, raises $1m for a blockhain-based marketplace for POI data | Techcrunch