Movements | July 2nd, 2020

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Product Launches & Updates

  • Coord is partnering with Aspen, Nashville, Omaha, and West Palm Beach to develop and pilot Smart Zone programs for curb space management: “Instead of relying on memory and interpreting regulation signs, Smart Zones let delivery drivers use the mobile devices they already use every day to find nearby available loading zones, place a hold, and pay for time in them”.  | Coord

  • Radar launches Last Mile, a complete end to end solution for ordering ahead and customer arrival tracking based on their location and trip tracking SDKs. | Radar

  • iOS 14 has some cool new mobility related features: Carkey enables your iPhone to act as a digital key for vehicles and the next generation of Apple Maps includes cycling directions and EV routing. | Macrumors

  • China completes the launches for its Beidou geospatial positioning system | CNBC

  • Bird launches its Frequent Flyer loyalty program in Germany with 3 reward levels. | Bird

  • Citymapper is launching in 12 new US cities and plans to be in 100 cities by the end of the year. | Citymapper

  • Spin is testing weekly eBike rentals targeted at delivery workers in Washington DC. | Spin

  • French eBike startup Zoov announced an ultralight weight and modular charging station where the eBikes create a shared power connection. | Zoov

  • Tranzito and Spin partner to bring a ‘mobility hub’ concept to life at a Caltrain station in San Francisco. The hub features charging, discounted helmet sales, and a valet. | Spin

Investment & Deals

  • Uber offers to buy Postmates. | NYTimes

  • Amazon is buying AV startup Zoox. | The Information

  • Wise Systems raises a $15m Series B to optimize delivery dispatch and coordination. | Forbes

  • Belgian MaaS startup Skipr secures a $7m Series A. | Tech EU

Cities & Policy

  • California DOT is drafting centralized GTFS guidelines for all California transit agencies. Feed fragmentation and inconsistency, awesome to see a state agency doing this | David Zipper

  • Andrew Salzberg is starting a newsletter on decarbonizing transportation. He’s awesome. You should check it out

  • E-bikes are coming to NYC, legally. Finally! | Streetsblog

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