Movements | March 13th, 2020

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  • Lime made a second round of staff cuts this year in an effort to streamline its US operations. | The Information

  • Bird and Plume labs pair up to capture air quality data in Paris. | Bird

  • New research on the relationship between bike-sharing and ridehailing: ”Our results show that banning Uber caused a significant decrease in usage among frequent users especially on weekdays, suggesting a complementary relationship between these services. On the other hand, our findings indicate that ad hoc users mainly use BSS and Uber as substitutes.” | Transportation Research

Product Launches & Updates

  • Bird launches the Cruiser moped in Austin, Texas under the ‘Scoot’ brand. | Electrek

  • Instacart and Postmate launch ‘non-contact deliveries’ in the wake of the coronavirus. Related: Voi gives riders coronavirus guidelines.  | Postmates 

  • Citymapper now lets NYC users see which subway stations accept contactless payments. | Citymapper

  • Hip, a new commuter shuttle service connecting NYC with Northern New Jersey, has dramatically expanded its service area. | Hip

Ridehailing & Carsharing

  • Does ridehailing cause more car crashes and deaths? Economist Joe Cortright lays out the reasons why this may not be the case:  “While this paper raises important and provocative questions, it fails to convince us that ride-hailing is responsible for the increasing in crash rates in the US.  Its proxy for ride-hailing activity is weak, and it relies on heavily aggregated data that are unlikely to directly reflect the effects of ride-hailing, and which are likely to be contaminated by other factors.”  | City Observatory

Investment & Deals

  • Next STEP for mobility startups: “After years of seemingly limitless investment in mobility startups seeking to disrupt the $7 trillion transportation industry, our promised future utopian vision of connected, autonomous, shared, electric — CASE — technologies seems to get further away each day.” | Automotive News

  • Ride Report raises a $10m series A from Unusual Ventures. | TechCrunch

Cities & Policy

  • An epic, must read piece by Aaron Gordon on “Why the US Sucks at Building Public Transit” | Vice

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