Movements | May 22nd, 2020

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  • A Dutch restaurant is testing a ‘bike-through’ concept. “A bicycle path has been created on the floor of the restaurant, which customers can use to cycle through the restaurant.” | Marco Te Brömmelstroet

  • Smart bikes: Shimano files for a patent to monitor wear and maintenance of bicycle components. “It broadly claims the use of a digital processor to generate information related to deterioration, wear, and failure of various bicycle components”. | Bicycle Retailer

  • Lime’s CFO has stepped down, days after the Uber-Lime financing deal. | Ted Tobison

  • Ebikes have infiltrated Hollywood: Will Smith, Justin Bieber, Jamie Fox, and Madonna have been spotted on the new Super73 ebikes. | People

  • Meituan, Hellobike, and Didi fight for ebike market share in China. “Hellobike is also trying to maintain its lead in the e-bike sharing landscape. With a self-proclaimed market share of 70%, Hellobike has deployed e-bikes in more than 320 cities as of February 2020.”  | Pandaily

  • Bird is now selling scooters at Best Buy, including the Bird One with a $300 dollar discount. | Best Buy

  • One of the best eBike commercials we have ever seen: Learn to Ride Again. | Specialized

  • New Study: Cycling to work can cut heart disease and cancer risk by a quarter. | EveningStandard

  • GoX and Tortoise are now live with the first teleoperated scooter pilot. | The Verge

Product Launches & Updates

  • A look at Snap’s mapping efforts. | The Information

  • Transit is now LA Metro’s official app - “With Transit as Metro’s official app, riders will know where to go and Metro gets an app platform to help build LA’s multimodal future”. Related: Transit is now showing bus and rail station entrances. | The Source

  • Remix launched a new product to help cities accelerate crisis and recovery planning. | Remix

  • An Interview with Via’s Daniel Ramot. | Christian Noske

  • Google Maps is starting to display slow streets in the app. | Chris Arvin

  • Tier is integrating helmets onto its scooters in select markets. | Techcrunch

  • Segway-Ninebot launched a kickstarter campaign for its new Air T15 consumer electric scooter. | Segway

  • RadPower launched its new ‘RadWagon 4’, one of the most affordable electric cargo bikes on the market. | RadPower

Ridehailing, Carsharing, & Delivery

  • Amazon launches a food delivery service in India. | Economic Times

  • The original food delivery network: In Mumbai, a network of couriers have been delivering home-cooked lunches for 125 years. The 5,000 person cooperative delivers over 200,000 meals per day.  “The organisation runs its low-cost service at a very high level of performance… dabbawalas make fewer than 3.4 mistakes per million transactions. With deliveries to and from roughly 200,000 customers each day that translates to little more than 400 delayed or missing dabbas in a year.” | BBC

  • SoftBank backed Reef Technology partnered with DHL to pilot cargo eBikes in Miami. | BizJournal

  • Video overview of Microautonomy delivery startup Refraction AI. | Mashable

  • Carsharing companies offer a less germ-infested route forward. | Bloomberg

Investment & Deals

  • Maniv Mobility is hiring an investment profession in San Francisco. | Prescott Watson

  • French Ebike startup Angell partnered with SEB for manufacturing and investment in France as pre-orders skyrocketed during lockdown. | Techcrunch

Cities & Policy

  • Following similar moves in other major cities, Tel Aviv converts 11 city center streets to pedestrian-only zones. | JPost

  • Amsterdam is issuing a permit for up to 700 shared electric mopeds. | Electric Felix

  • Interview with Lime’s Chief Policy Officer. | SmartCitiesDive

  • Three ex-Bird employees launched a new mobility strategy firm to accelerate the transition to human-scale, zero-emission urban transport. |  Electric Avenue

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