Movements | May 29th, 2020

Post-COVID ridership data, new hardware, and much more...

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  • Ebike maker VanMoof thought their analytics was broken, but it turns out they had an unprecedented explosion in demand. | Bloomberg

  • Bakcou: eBikes for hunters. | Bakcou

  • Cake is bringing Swedish design to electric motorcycles in the USA. | Techcrunch

  • BlaBlaCar will be integrating Voi scooters into its carpool app in France. | Voi

  • A music producer sampled Spin’s scooter alarm… check out the result. | Twitter

  • Uber is scrapping thousands of JUMP bikes after executing its investment deal with Lime. | The Verge

  • Tier’s CEO offers to take on as many JUMP eBikes as possible from Uber and Lime. | Lawrence Leuschner

  • Our friends at Dott shared some interesting post-COVID usage stats with the movements family:

    • Dott’s fleet is now back to the same level pre-Covid in 24 hours in all cities

      • Monday May 11 = Monday March 9, same number of rides

    • Now, Dott sees higher usage vs January, February and the beginning of March. Even if bars and restaurants are still closed in some countries.

    • Paris utilization is at 4 rides per vehicle per day.

Product Launches & Updates

Ridehailing, Carsharing, & Delivery

  • Are food delivery companies awful businesses? “Restaurant delivery services including DoorDash and Uber Eats have gotten a lot of heat lately—and a lot of questions about the viability of their businesses. But the leading companies in the field are figuring out how to operate with greater efficiency.”The Information

  • Instacart’s CTO outlines how they scaled their services during the COVID pandemic. | Instacart

  • Daimler and BMW’s FreeNow partners with Voi to integrate their scooters into their ridehailing app. | Cristoph Egels

Investment & Deals

  • European ridehailing firm Bolt raised $110 million. | Bloomberg

  • Former Lime exec, Scott Kubly, raised $3.5 million for an on demand camper van startup: Cabana vans. Investors include Bird CEO Travis VanderZanden and Ford’s Sunny Madra. | Techcrunch

Cities & Policy

  • The UK government is offering vouchers to help people get their bikes repaired. | Cycling Weekly

  • Nexar Mobility Report. | Nexar

  • Calgary led Lime’s global markets in post-COVID ridership with 7 trips per vehicle per day. |  DailyHive

  • “A quarter of all Europeans are now willing to commute to work by e-bike.” | Bike EU

  • The collapse of rush hour: “Peak (rush hour) demand has fallen much more than all-day demand, mirroring a change in travel demand overall.” | Jarrett Walker


  • VanMoof is hiring a digital product designer in Amsterdam. | VanMoof

  • Pony is hiring a CTO and Head of VehicleEngineering. | Pony

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