Movements | October 30th, 2020

Lime hits 200 million rides, ABS braking for eBikes, and DoorDash invests in a restaurant?

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  • Lime hits the 200 million rides mark. | The Verge

  • “Bosch, which makes motors and batteries for around 70 ebike brands, has reported that March saw an 85 percent surge in demand for ebikes in the US compared with last year, and the global ebike market is now tipped to reach $46bn by 2026.” | I FT ($)

  • There are 70,000 shared vehicles across 40 cities in France with 10.4 million trips occurring in September 2020. Check out the full Fluctuo shared mobility index report. | Fluctuo

  • A new research report looks at two segments of eScooter riders in Vienna: renters and owners. “These results implicate that e-scooter riders are additional users of cycling infrastructure. This puts further pressure on the current allocation of road space, which provides little space for active modes of transport.“ | ScienceDirect

  • Bike suppliers are struggling to hire as factory workers are in high demand in Taiwan, according to bicycle industry component supplier SRAM. “Our OE customers are planning for the boom to last for sure. Orders continue to grow beyond any prior planning guidance.” | Bicycle Retailer

  • Voi has resold over 10,000 refurbished scooters from its fleet. The company has now launched its new ‘Voi x You’ website to sell refurb scooters directly to consumers. | Voi

  • Arcimoto is planning to ship 50,000 two-seat three-wheel electric vehicles annually in partnership with DHL. | Jalopnik

Product Launches & Updates

  • The New York MTA launched a new subway map after 18 months of development. | Work & Co

  • Uber launches its motorcycle ridehailing service “UberMoto” in France, allowing riders to cut through Parisian auto traffic. “Unlike hopping in a car, jumping on the back of a motorcycle or scooter requires protective gear, and every UberMoto rider supplies a helmet, gloves, and jacket for the passenger.” | RideApart

  • Lime partners with SNCF, the national railway of France, to integrate its shared micromobility offering to SNCF app users. | Lime

  • Taur Technologies launched its new scooter on kickstarter last week. This is one of the more interesting scooter designs and feature sets we have seen! Check out the video. | TNW

Ridehailing, Carsharing, & Delivery

  • FedEx Canada is testing front loaded cargo eBikes in Toronto and says its going to expand the program across Canada & North America. Check out the video at the link. | Aaron Prather

  • Bolt launches eBikes in Lisbon, making it the first market where the company offers scooters, ebikes, and ridehailing products. | Bolt

  • Travis Kalanick’s startup CloudKitchens has reportedly spent over $130 million on real estate as it looks to build out dark kitchens across the world. | NY Post

  • Grab’s Q3 revenue is at 95% of pre-Covid levels, with their food business now generating 50% of revenue. | The Business Times

  • DoorDash has invested in a new Oakland brick-and-mortar restaurant for the first time. “DoorDash and Burma built the restaurant from the ground up with delivery in mind. It includes high-capacity kitchen equipment to fulfill off-premise demand and eco-friendly packaging designed for travel, with menu items tailored to delivery, like chicken wings and fries.” | Restaurant Business

  • Lyft is partnering with Venmo to offer riders more payment options. | Techcrunch

  • Hyndaui’s Motional autonomous tech group is partnering with Via to test autonomous rides in the USA in 2021. | VentureBeat

Investment & Deals

  • Ex-SoundCloud founders raised $16.8 million for their electric bike subscription startup Dance. | VentureBeat

  • Italian mobility startup BluBrake, who is building ABS braking systems for eBikes, raises $6 million in Series A financing. | Cycling Industry

  • Uber has offered more than $1 billion to buy Daimler and BMS’s FreeNow ridehailing platform. “While Daimler is ready to sell, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse is wavering about selling up, and is instead open to offering Uber a stake.” | AutoNews

Upcoming Events

  • Join us at CoMotion LA LIVE - streaming this November 17-19! CoMotion is where leaders from across the world will come together to create A New Deal for Mobility. This is one of the best mobility conferences of the year. Movements readers can use promo code Movements20 to save 20%. | Get Tickets Here

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