Movements | October 9th, 2020

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  • Lime opens up its app to 3rd party micromobilty operators, starting with a partnership with Wheels. Lime’s CEO told Business Insider the company expects to turn a profit by 2021.  | Lime

  • The US Center for Disease Control adopted micromobility related injury codes, which will allow health care professionals to tag and categorize scooter related injuries. | Shamsi Soltani

  • At the beginning of 2020, 4.3 million German households had at least one eBike. That is up from 1.5 million in 2013. | International eBikes

  • A deep dive into Bird’s new “Fleet Manager” operations model and program. “Fleet Managers are local businesses (eg LLCs) tasked with leading operations on a portion of our electric scooter fleet in-market. That includes responsibilities such as fleet deployment and rebalancing, sanitization, and general care and maintenance of our Bird vehicles out in the community.”  We first surfaced this back in May.  | OneZero

  • The University of Warwick is funding a PhD in Micromobility Transport Modeling. | Warwick

  • Here is a new website that is tracking the moped sharing industry. | Moped Sharing

  • Battery Swapping: Tier looks to rollout 400 battery swapping stations in London after a successful trial in Finland:  “Over a six-week trial at a shop in Finland, an average of 16 riders a day popped into to swap batteries, spending an average of £2.85 in store at the same time (about the price of a coffee).”  | Zag

  • Micromobility operator Pony partners with Zoov to bring electric bikes to France. | Zoov

  • A French eBike retailer debuts new emergency medical eBikes custom made for Parisian doctors. | Bike EU

Product Launches & Updates

  • Remix and Swiftly partner to bring historical bus data to transit agencies. | Swiftly

  • Zoba announces dynamic pricing product for shared mobility fleets. “By using price signals to encourage users to circulate vehicles, operators enjoy additional revenue, reduced operating costs, and improved fleet performance.”  | Zoba

  • South American micromobility operator Tembici teams up with food delivery app iFood, to offer delivery workers access and training to eBikes. | LABS

  • Ridepanda launches an ecommerce store for micromobility. | Techcrunch

  • Apple continues its redesign expansion to the UK and Ireland. | Justin O'beirne

Ridehailing, Carsharing, & Delivery

  • Lyft partners with GrubHub to give its “Lyft Pink” loyalty members free food delivery. | Lyft

  • The city of London has finally awarded Uber an operating license after years of legal battles, but bans ridehaling competitor Ola due to safety concerns. | Sky

  • Waymo is opening up fully driverless rides to the public in Phoenix. | Washington Post

Investment & Deals

  • Singapore based Neuron Mobility adds $12 million to its scooter expansion in Australia and New Zealand. | Techcrunch

  • Uber is rumored to be looking at acquiring BMW/Daimler’s FreeNow ridehailing platform, as German automakers continue to divest from mobility services. | Bloomberg

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