Movements | September 10th, 2019

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Inrix does a deep dive and ranking on the potential of micromobility in the US, Germany, and the UK. “Digging deeper, 20% of trips were less than 1 mile, 16% were 1-2 miles, and 12% were 2-3 miles. If a fraction of these vehicle trips were replaced with micromobility trips, American cities could reap significant benefits.” | Inrix

Why micromobility waste is irrelevant. | Oliver Bruce

Spin sponsors an intersection makeover in Salt Lake City to make it more friendly for multimodal users. This project is part of the company’s “Safe, Liveable, and Just Streets” initiative to fund tactical urbanism to improve scooter, bike, and pedestrian access in cities. | Deseret

Why are China’s internet giants reviving Bikesharing? A look into how dockless bikeshare has evolved over the last year in China:  “The bike-sharing industry has been on a roller-coaster ride for the past several years, but is now showing inconspicuous signs of finally coming into its own at the hands of bigger and more experienced backers.” | Pandaily


An awesome and super-detailed post outlining how Lyft creates and maintains their own road network mapping using data from their fleet. | Lyft

Uber celebrates 5 years of UberPool, which is now live in over 50 markets around the world. In an effort to shift more UberX rides to Pool, the company has launched the ‘Non-Stop Shared Rides” feature. “When you order an UberX ride, at certain times you’ll be presented the option to take the last seat in an Uber Pool, and be the first to exit the ride. If selected, those who choose to share a ride will get Uber Cash that can be used towards your next ride or Eats order, while getting you to your destination in roughly the same amount of time.“  | Uber

Didi is now publishing lists of bad riders and drivers. | Abacus

New Products & Features

Transit app launches ‘Transit Accounts’ to enable users to pay for multiple mobility providers from a single account, including Denver RTD, CitiBike in NYC, and Santa Monica Big Blue Bus. | Transit

Deals & investments

Mitsubishi invests in mobility aggregator and transportation subscription service, MaaS Global. | Bloomberg

Cities & Policy

Why we probably need a per-mile road usage fee to replace the gas tax. | Axios

The University of Washington published a study that shows a marked reduction in double parking and traffic congestion when geofencing is combined with designated pick up and drop off zones along the curb. | University of Washington