Movements | September 25th, 2020

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  • Bird debuts its new foldable ‘Bird Air’ scooter in time for the holiday retail. The new model will be available exclusively at Target and then launch internationally on November 20th. | Bird

  • Acton and Navmatic partner up to bring improved GPS location to scooters. | Acton

  • Shared micromobility sales in 2020:

Product Launches & Updates

  • Uber launches an inter-modal routing feature that allows riders to combine public transit and Uber trips to their destination. “Once the best route is found, you can use Uber to request a trip to the recommended station, all while monitoring real-time transit timetables. It will launch first in Sydney and Chicago later this month.”  | News AU

  • EU ridehailng Bolt launches a walk mode. | LinkedIn

  • Coord is piloting reservable smart loading zones in Omaha. | Streetsblog

  • Cowboy’s e-bikes get automatic crash detection and notification features - if the bike detects a crash and the rider doesn’t confirm they’re okay within 60 seconds, emergency contacts are automatically notified. | The Verge

Ridehailing, Carsharing, & Delivery

  • What do you do with a bunch of empty tourist buses due to COVID? Answer: You build a maze. (Thanks Nick A.) | Mulboyne

  • The impending autoloan debacle could hurt companies and consumers. | Arkinvest

  • Amazon is staffing up it’s e-bike delivery team in NYC with Uber and Citi Bike vets. | CNBC

  • A look at US ridesharing sales and the impact of COVID. | Second Measure

Investment & Deals

  • U.K. curb management startup AppWay raises a $20 million Series B. “AppyWay offers an advanced platform of accurate, standardised data, APIs and tools for smart kerbside management in the world.”  | Finsmes

  • VanMoof raises a $40 million Series B. | Techcrunch

  • Uber is looking to sell some of its stake in Didi. | Bloomberg

Cities & Policy

  • The Long Island Railroad is now providing real-time occupancy data in each car on 100% of its fleet. They use this to tell passengers which cars of their incoming train are empty now and which care are likely to be empty tomorrow. | Mass Transit

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