Movements | November 27th, 2019

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Lime and Bird saw sales grow over the summer of 2019, even as they shift focus to improving unit economics. | Second Measure

Paris sees a whopping 54% increase in bicycle trips over a year period from Sept. 2018 to 2019. (Thanks Adrien) | LeParisien (French)

European scooter operator Circ cut headcount at HQ and regional locations, citing a shift to focus on “efficiency and ops excellence”. Circ’s founder said: “When we started this there was a focus on time to market but now it is not about time to market but efficiency.” | Techcrunch

A comprehensive deep dive into scooter deployments across Europe. | Civity

Turn signals for micromobility. | Reddit

What the Fight Over Scooters Has in Common With the 19th-Century Battle Over Bicycles. | Smithsonian

Chinese tech giant Meituan says that bikesharing is a key growth sector for them. “Meituan has already significantly improved the bike design, the supply chain management for bike and also the pricing and operation metrics.” Meituain acquired Mobike last year. | KR Asia

Bird x Adidas. | Boostronaut

Ogden, Utah Police are producing scooter safety videos. | Ogden Police Department

Investments & Deals 

Lime is fundraising again and is “seeking a couple hundred million dollars by December or January, Beyond that, the company plans to rely more heavily on debt to fund its scooters.” | WSJ

Bosch’s electric moped sharing company Coup is shutting down. | Twitter

Ridehailing & Carsharing

Uber is fielding a higher number of US and Canadian law enforcement requests for rider data. “Uber said it received 3,825 demands for 21,913 user accounts from the U.S. government.” | Techcrunch

The Annual Global Mobility Study webinar looks at users attitudes towards emerging modes across 9 countries. Below is a sneak peek of China vs the US.  | LEK Consulting

Uber is discussing selling off its Indian food delivery business. | The Information

Didi claims that nearly one million EVs are registered on its platform, covering ~15% of total rides on the platform. Notably, these vehicles have significantly lower operating costs compared to gas powered vehicles. | technode

Product Launches & Updates

WHILL is bringing autonomous wheelchairs to North American airports. | Techcrunch

Daimler and BMW’s joint venture scooter startup Hive expands into eBikes in Lisbon. | Hive

Strava introduces an all new ‘Strava Metro’ data tool for city planners. | Strava Metro

DHL is starting to roll out electric delivery vehicles in 2020. | Axios

Cities & Policy

Seattle’s investments in mass transit have made it the #1 city in the US for a drop in drive along commuting. | Seattle Times

SFMTA has a new director, Jeffrey Tumlin. He has big ambitions for reshaping how people get around the San Francisco. | SF Chronicle

Black friday Deals

Lyft is discounting Bike memberships for black friday. | Elite Daily

Boosted is offering 25% off all vehicles including the new Rev scooter. | Boosted

Van Moof is offering $1000 dollars off its eBikes for the first 150 orders. | Van Moof